Real Multi Channel Chat, Email, Phone & Back-office

Multi Channel Planning That Knows Your Realities

Wisdom WFO plans for chat, email and other channels in a manner that you will not find elsewhere.
Wisdom WFO imports transactional data including the start and end and wait time of every historical transaction.
The SCO forecast reflects the second-by-second demand that unfolds in your call center. There are no assumptions of random arrival and there is never the naive expectation that transactions conclude at the end of each interval.
The result is forecasts and schedules that know everything that needs to be known, to reduce wait times and improve productivity.


Let’s Talk About Chat

Other WFM vendors tells you it is ok to plan for chat with an interval forecast using 30 minute intervals.
Really? If you want to see how well that works, just try contacting your internet service provider via chat. The odds of prompt effective service are pretty low. And why would one expect anything else. Flat staffing for 30 minutes at a time will always present an incredibly poor fit for the fluctuating demand patterns that unfold in any call centre. Unfortunately for interval based WFM solutions, they can’t possibly provide a reasonable looking forecast and schedule on 15 minute intervals. Most chats last 10 to 20 minutes. When you assume that long transactions end on the 15 minute mark you get crazy looking forecasts.
SCO technology is immune to those interval based distortions because it understands real second by second activity.
If you want to take advantage of this granularity, you can do so in a completely cloud based environment. Back in 2005, Wisdom WFO was the very first WFM solution to offer and entirely cloud based WFM solution. Today, nothing could be easier. We’ll configure a data pump that sends your multi channel data in real time, fully encrypted to our hosting environment. If you want SCO forecasts, then forget about sending us interval data. It is of no use to an SCO forecast. Instead, we’ll capture the second by second details of your chat logs. We do the same thing for phone calls and emails. The forecasts are literally perfect, not because they know exactly what will happen — but because they know exactly what typically does happen — second-by-second.
Wisdom WFO integrates universally with any brand of ACD, IVR, Chat solution or email response system. All of these systems have detailed call records, chat logs and transaction logs. So they all integrate easily with Wisdom WFO.


Phone Chat, back-office and Email Unified

Wisdom WFO provides fully integrated schedules for multi channel cross skilled agents. Those schedules present the right number of agents to satisfy phone and chat service levels across peak demand periods. Email and Back office work segments are allocated to keep agents occupied during the intricate lulls in demand that are historically evident. The schedule also ensures that Email and back office keep pace with demand across the multi interval service level of your choice.
Want emails answered in less than 60 minutes? 3 hours? 24 Hours? No problem.
Phone calls and chats don’t magically disappear from the queue on the 15 minute mark. Neither do emails. Wisdom WFO knows that and plans for it with precision.