Ease of Use

Easy to learn and use for agents and supervisors. Agents can self-train with interactive E-Learning in 20 – 30 minutes.


Richly Featured

Well engineered user interfaces are effective at simplifying and automating complex tasks.


Exceptional Support

Call, Skype or Email for fast answers, configuration tips and trouble shooting. Submit a great feature request and it’s included free in the next update.


Truthful Forecasting

Wisdom WFM offers the only forecast method in the industry that tells the truth.


Exiting The Dark Ages

Everything else forecasts with answered plus abandoned call counts. They want you to believe that’s an offered call forecast. It’s not true. It’s the opposite. Answered plus abandoned is not the number of calls that are offered to the queue each interval. It’s the number of calls that leave the queue.

For the past 30 years the WFM industry has provided fake forecasts and fake forecast accuracy. Your forecasts have been based on how many calls you were able to answer or frustrate into hanging up. Your forecast accuracy has relied on shuffling real offered calls so they only get counted in the periods when they are eventually answered or abandoned.

If you answer calls at the rate WFM told you to, their forecasts can pretend to have been accurate. Thats why they want your agents and supervisors to blindly adhere to thier schedule.


Turn To The Truth

Wisdom WFO has taken an upside down industry and turned it right side up. Wisdom WFO includes SCO forecasts. SCO stands for System Capacity Optimization. SCO forecast intricately analyze every second of every historical call that touches your call center. The results of switching are spectacular and immediate. With SCO, you will discover that the most powerful WFM technology turns out to be — The Truth.


Forget Theory — Get Real

The problem with queueing theory is that it has nothing to do with queueing. Literally, that’s true. Queuing theory assumes each interval starts with an empty queue and ends with every caller hanging up. That’s a ridiculous assumption. The use of profoundly false assumptions is the reason why interval based forecasting never produces helpful or truthful results. Wisdom WFO understands exactly how your calls arrive, queue and flow across intervals. It even understands the intensity within each interval and how that affects every call that flows through your queue.


Phenomenal Productivity and Wait times

SCO forecasts intricately engineer the timing of your agents so that every caller waits only briefly. The queue is almost never empty so agents are always productive. Wait times typically drop 60% to 70%. You don’t need more agents to get those results. Every caller just waits less. Happier callers have more productive calls. They purchase more, solve problems faster, remain loyal and refer their friends.


Optimization is Precise, Fast, and Automated

Wisdom WFO produces schedules that thoughtfully time your agents. These schedules ensure that the phone capacity tracks closely to the real requirements that the SCO forecast identifies from your call details. The requirements are real becasuse they are based on the demand that flows into and across intervals. Real demand keeps you on course. It has nothing to do with the interval call counts that understand neither demand nor cross interval queueing.

With Wisdom WFO, scheduling for blended call centers is true to life. Off-phone activities are automatically timed to coincide with periods of spare capacity. If you need to respond to absences, leave, meetings and other changes, then re-optimization take seconds.



Take a step back from the Adherence you’ve been told to use for decades. What is it really doing? It wants your agents to adhere closely to a schedule that is based on the average of the last three weeks of data. How does that help you respond to the needs of today? It does not. It’s like steering a car based on the average traffic you might have seen over the past three weeks. Obviously it’s better to look out the window and respond to changing conditions.



The worst part about adherence is not that it compels you to adhere to a three-week old plan. That in itself is VERY bad. But its not nearly the worst part.

The thing is…the three-week old plan is based on entirely fasle data. Answered plus abandoned forecasts are never a trutful reflection of demand. Adhering to the schedule that is built on falsified data only serves to fuel the subterfuge of falsifying forecast accuracy. Faking the metrics, hurts your call center, becasue it hides the real problems that need solving.

Adhering to misguided schedules is not a source of efficiency. Customers wait longer. Agents are less productive. But the WFM forecast looks as if it came true.


Fair, Meaningful Adherence

Wisdom WFO puts an end to the smoke and mirrors. It gives you real cross-interval-forecast-accuracy, strong schedule preparedness and the ability to absorb real time fluctuations.

Wisdom WFO’s intelligent adherence gives agents and supervisors the freedom to respond to real time needs without penalty. If the queue is empty, agents can take breaks early or shift to off-phone work. Agents can finish calls into their breaks, ensuring each caller is fully serviced. Agents respect it because adherence finally makes sense. Supervisors enjoy the freedom to be flexible in ways that improve service levels and productivity.