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Paul Kasanda

Founder & CEO

Paul Kasanda holds a B Comm from Carleton University and an MBA from Ottawa University. He is a true innovator in the call center industry. He was the first to ask why the WFM industry has been selling a 100-year forecasting method as “advanced forecasting”. He has been the first and only to develop a truly modern alternative. Paul believes call centers should expect no less than a forecast that cares about how long customers are waiting and was also the first to point out that this is not the case for every situation that relies on interval forecasting. WFM vendors, consultants, WFM Guru’s and prophets will tell your planners that answered plus abandoned calls is equal to offered calls. Paul was the first to challenge this notion and to point out that entering the queue as an offered call is actually the opposite of leaving the queue as an answered or abandoned call. For Paul, challenging the wrongs in the industry is all about helping call centers to realize their true potential so that agents can flourish and customer bases can grow in size and profitability.


Marietta Davis

VP Sales, USA

Marietta Davis is the leader in marketing modern forecasting and scheduling technology. She has worked at many different levels of the call center industry from agent and supervisor through to hosted contact center sales of inbound and outbound solutions. She architected the very first sale of WFM Wisdom in the US with an RFP win that shocked the usual players. She has established the many partnerships with hosted contact center providers that resell and recommend L3 Prime’s truly modern WFM solution. Marietta not only sells the technology she immerses herself in each implementation to ensure that every customer realizes the same level of spectacular improvements that HD WFM and SCO have become renowned for.